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Pivoting an annual experiential campaign to a primarily digital promotion in response to COVID-19 limitations and restrictions



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Highlighting consumer content and sponsored brands to promote customer engagement and in-store purchases through a pandemic-induced shutdown

The New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet’s 9th Annual Summer Fun Tour pivoted a largely experiential campaign to one focused primarily on digital components in response to COVID-19. wedü created and hosted a summer-long scavenger hunt, where participants were tasked with various challenges related to sponsor brands, products and more with the intent to capture participants’ email addresses and increase in-store sales. Expanding on the tour’s success year over year, wedü’s talented team developed an eye-catching promotion that saw a 38% increase in impressions from years past, as well as over 8,600 new email addresses added to NHLWO’s email send list. This campaign combined a number of digital aspects to present a cohesive and effective promotion for all parties involved.


An interactive scavenger hunt provided a fun and unique way for brands to reach consumers and encourage purchases

Our team knew individuals were looking for ways to stay entertained this summer and developed an approach that gamified activity in and related to New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet stores. We sourced, vetted, and leveraged a scavenger hunt app to help facilitate score tracking, gather email addresses, and connect with consumers through various “hunts” or challenges throughout the summer. The platform promoted NHLWO as well as hunt sponsors, through branding, messaging, and challenges; consumers were also made aware of new scavenger hunt updates via push notifications to their mobile device.

wedü partnered with master distillers and winemakers from Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam, Simi Winery, and Robert Mondavi to develop social content to promote the campaign. This included Facebook Live events that drew thousands to the scavenger hunt and promoted these brands to our customers.

By accomplishing challenges, players earned points towards various prize packages to be awarded at the conclusion of the campaign. The more challenges players participated in, the more prizes they were eligible to win. Minimal participation equated to the chance of winning a $500 gift card. However, most participants earned the opportunity to win our highest tier of prizes such as a travel camper, outdoor adventure package and more. Over 75% of participants completed more than one task over the 3-month campaign, while individual tasks averaged above 60% participation per challenge. wedü’s team monitored participation throughout the summer and used insights to optimize challenges for increased participation moving forward.


Cost effective and fun!

wedü’s decision to focus largely on digital components for the 2020 Summer Fun Tour resulted in the lowest cost per impression to-date, as well as immense growth in New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets’ social channels and increase in sales. Compared to the 2019 summer campaign, the Scavenger Hunt saw approximately a 4% increase in sales over the year prior.

Interaction on social media lead to a large portion of the campaign’s success. Facebook Live events were used to connect brands with NHLWO’s audience where participation and post sharing was incentivized with additional scavenger hunt points. Every time wedü posted about the hunt on Instagram, we would see an immediate 5-10 new players join. Social channels were filled with positive comments about the tour, questions about the next challenge, and interaction between players. Brands were tagged in content as well, so there were always new audience members exposed to the Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt.

The strategic approach for digital and social ad tactics allowed for efficient use of budget, resulting in $2.88 per entry and the $500 Gift Card promotion drove 50% of the campaign’s clicks and engagement. wedü ran 4 different sets of ad groups targeted at ages 35-44, non-gender specific, with no parental status or household income listed. General branding ads drove to a list of prizes, generating some of the campaign’s highest CTR and lowest CPC at $.95. Additionally, wedü ran two sets of ad groups for prizes – one ad group driving to the campaign prize and another driving to a How to Play page. The ‘How to Play’ resulted in triple the amount of clicks and double the amount of impressions.