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Quickly developing and promoting curbside pickup options for stores

At the end of April 2020, Covid-19 created numerous challenges for retailers. Despite following all best practices with regards to cleaning and social distancing protocols, some customers were still reluctant to enter a New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet. This was beginning to result in lost revenue.

As restaurants and retail establishments were deciding how to cope with Covid-19, we proposed to NH Liquor & Wine Outlets a program to offer curbside pickup in ten locations throughout New Hampshire. This would allow customers to order their products online and pick them up in designated parking spots at select locations.


Entering uncharted territory

The NH Liquor & Wine Outlets had never offered curbside before and had never processed an online order. A project of this size and scope might take months or years to develop but we did not have that kind of time. Customers were asking for this and sales were beginning to be impacted. Our team jumped into gear.


The project required user login, real-time inventory connection, sale pricing, and timeslot scheduling. This custom-built solution met their needs and was adaptable. As new products or stores were added, it was able to evolve along with it.


Retail operations were a key component of this project. We helped build out the workflow for store employees as well as policies and procedures. This was all new to employees, and helping them get up to speed and have resources to refer to was a key component to success. We collaborated with retail operations to create an alert system for the employees. We created signage and carved out designated parking spaces for customers to use.

This was all new to customers as well. A marketing campaign was spun up quickly to educate customers on this new offering. A highly targeted approach helped spread the message to consumers we identified as most likely to use the new service. A new set of creative was designed and new Google and Facebook campaigns were launched that targeted based on geography and consumer behavior.

Finally, we seized on the ability to generate additional purchases as well as produce revenue for the NH Liquor Commission. The new platform was built to provide the opportunity to highlight specific products within the catalog. We were able to strategically highlight products within the catalog to boost their sales and generate revenue for the Commission


Great feedback and even greater returns

A user-friendly platform was rolled out in record time resulting in happy customers and increased sales. This new program provided customers with a convenient, efficient and new way to shop NH Liquor & Wine Outlets. The orders and basket sizes continue to increase, providing revenue to the State and providing a service to customers who are not comfortable with entering the stores at this time.


Within six weeks, including the testing period, a fully-functional platform was rolled out to ten stores and was delivering annualized sales of over $1 million. Customers and employees both gave the new service great reviews. NHLC Chairman Joseph Mollica said of the program “This new program provides customers with a convenient, efficient and new way to shop at our NH Liquor & Wine Outlets and based on the volume of orders, it is clear this offering is in demand. Our team worked extremely hard to bring this program to fruition in a very short period of time, and we are proud to be expanding the program to our 10th Outlet in just two months.