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Creating an educational and entertaining consumer experience in response to COVID-19 limitations and restrictions

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Provide consumer education and reinforce NH Liquor & Wine Outlet’s position as thought leaders through a virtual event campaign sponsored by brands that promote consumer engagement and increase store sales.

The New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet 90 Days Around The World Promotion was our solution to providing as intimate and personal an online setting as possible to take the place of the in-person annual Distiller’s Showcase and Winter Wine Spectacular events. With Covid-19, in-person events were not possible, and this promotion was critical in continuing to provide consumers with the educational and interactive experience they have proven to have an appetite for. wedü created and hosted a 90 day long campaign, where participants were encouraged to attend multiple events through a virtual passport program. The passport kept consumers engaged throughout the 90 days of live and prerecorded events with a variety of brands.

This supported the goals of the program: further the consumers’ education on products offered; connect them directly with sponsor brand knowledge; and capture participants’ email addresses for future promotions. In-store sales were also a key focus of this campaign that was backed by a tiered prize structure including NHLC gift cards at lower tiers, coupons during events, and a grand prize, the ultimate home bar. wedü’s talented team developed an eye-catching promotion that incorporated several digital aspects to create a cohesive and effective promotion for all parties.


Live events and a passport program offered an interactive and entertaining way for brands to reach consumers and increase sales

The wedü team knew consumers looking forward to the annual Distiller’s Showcase and Winter Wine Spectacular needed an engaging way to gain the same type of entertainment the in-person events bring them. The primary goal of the revamped promotion was to provide consumer education and reinforce NHLC’s position as thought leaders. To do so, we organized over 60 events with brands that consumers could attend virtually during the 90 days of the promotion. We featured a virtual passport program using the app, Scavify.

The virtual passport encouraged and rewarded people attending multiple events. The platform promoted NHLWO and brand sponsors, trivia, and codeword challenges; It also made consumers aware of new trivia and challenge updates via push notifications to their mobile device. wedü partnered with master distillers and winemakers from all over the world to allow consumers to leave their homes, virtually, during a time where they couldn’t travel because of the pandemic. By attending events and accomplishing challenges, players earned points towards various prize packages which were awarded at the end of the campaign. The more events consumers attended, and codeword challenges players took part in, the more prizes they were eligible to win. Prize redemption was made seamless with Scavify’s user platform. Minimal participation equated to the chance of winning one of ten $50 gift cards. However, most participants earned the opportunity to win our highest tier of prizes such as a $1,000 bar package or the ultimate home bar valued at $2,500.

The engagement proved to be very high, with the average active participant completing 45 of 117 activations. This helped in keeping consumers involved and provided additional exposure to the brands. We consistently reviewed participation and optimized it to help reach our engagement goals. The 90 Days Around the World live events provided the public with direct access to the spirit and wine brands they love.

Our teams’ hosting responsibilities, along with the production process, planning, and prep led to the success of these events. We vetted out multiple options for the live streams themselves, which ensured we had very few technical issues throughout the program. By using the Zoom video chat platform, the team could make each event feel intimate and personalized to the attending audience.


Entertaining and Cost-Effective!

The 90 Days Around The World campaigns’ primary digital focus resulted in a low cost per impression, increased growth in NHLWO position as industry experts, and a noticeable growth in our social channels and sales. Our initial goal was to attribute $20,000 in increased sales to this campaign. Through the success of the program, we saw over $127,100 in sales, achieving 635% of our goal.

The live and prerecorded events drove high engagement rates and high viewership. The goal of 9,000 total views was blown away and by the end of the promotion, views were at 126,806. They continue to climb as the content has proven to have lasting value.

The views played a large role in increasing NHLWO’s social media following and the interaction on social media lead to a large portion of the campaign’s success. All events were added to Facebook and promoted via ads for at least 2 weeks before the event date. There were 7,852 event responses and about half turned into registered users, with many also tuning in for the Facebook Lives.

Google ads resulted in a $0.97 average cost per click and drove 27% of total player sign-ups. Our top-performing ad saw a CTR of 0.36% which is significantly above the industry standard of 0.10%. Including bottle shots and gift card imagery drove significant additional engagement across our digital ads.

We leveraged email to increase participation and drive knowledge of upcoming events. We also sent emails specific to our event registrants calling out how to participate in the passport program to gain more points. The emails we sent to our subscribers saw a total of 23,385 unique clicks. Our multi-channel strategy allowed us to attract attendees and participants from diverse places which played the biggest role in the success of this campaign.

Key Performance Indicators

  • 28,563,000+ Impressions
  • 8,359 Event Registrations
  • A low Cost Per View at $0.97