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No Taxation on Libations— Delivering brand messaging of low prices and no taxes to out-of-state customers.

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Driving out-of-state customers to retail locations during peak seasons

With outlet stores in a major New England tourist destination, the New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets generate more than half its revenue from out-of-state customers. This is especially true during peak seasons when tourists from surrounding states flock to New Hampshire beaches and mountains, explore fall foliage, and frequent ski areas.

New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets looked to their agency, wedü, to develop a promotion that would capitalize on low prices and no taxes. The goal of the engagement was to drive home brand messaging of best prices and no taxes. Obviously, the outcomes would be measured through increased sales, growth in their e-mail marketing list, and brand value.


No Taxation on Our Libations

To highlight New Hampshire’s tax-free status and to thank out-of-state customers, wedü created the “No Taxation on Our Libations” campaign. Residents of every state were able to get 2x their home state’s typical tax as a discount in NHLC’s outlet stores. Customers from Massachusetts received a 13 percent discount, Vermont a 12 percent discount, and Maine an 11 percent discount – double each state’s sales tax rate. Customers from New Hampshire and all other states will be eligible for a 13 percent discount. The only requirement…provide your e-mail address.

A landing page was created that prompted visitors to provide their state along with their e-mail address and offered them the opportunity to sign up for the E-mail Extras e-mail newsletter.

A targeted Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign was launched across the Google Display Network, targeting surrounding states with offers personalized to each state’s residents. In addition, Facebook ads were targeted to people from surrounding states who had previously shown an interest in the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets and our brands.

As Vermont is an infamously difficult media market with no billboards, few radio stations, and relatively low broadband internet access, direct mail was used to spread the word on the “No Taxation On Our Libations” promotion, reaching over 130,000 homes in the eastern half of the state.

The media always loves a juicy story, and the “No Taxation on Our Libations” campaign was no exception. Numerous outlets across the country touted the competitive sale program on radio, online, and print. The media buzz generated hundreds of thousands of impressions and drove site traffic from nearly all 50 states.


From a single campaign to an annual program

The multi-channel approach drove down the cost of conversion and created great results. Total coupon redemptions reached 42,118 for the one-month campaign.

The promotion received national attention, resulting in customers from 43 states participating. And, NHLC captured 43,145 new e-mail addresses to the E-mail Extras marketing list. The program has become an annual program that is used to drive sales and grow the e-mail list year after year.

Key Performance Indicators

  • 42,118 coupon redemptions
  • Customer participation from 43 states
  • 43,145 new e-mail addresses