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Luck of the tailgate sweepstakes— Brand growth for Jameson Irish Whiskey





Growing brand awareness through sweeps

Like many spirits labels, Jameson Irish Whiskey continues to grow brand reach and engagement through large sweepstakes and contesting.


A proving ground for a national sweeps

Jameson partnered with wedü in a national St. Patrick’s Day sweeps, using New Hampshire as a proving ground for the concept. The state would prove to be the most active in the contest, not only in share of voice, but also in raw number of entries.


Tailgate success worth celebrating

Following our St. Patrick’s Day success, Jameson continues to partner with wedü, including the creation and launch of a regional tailgates sweepstakes that contributed to an off-season 14% increase for the Jameson Irish flagship, and 35% growth in the premium Reserve selection.

The experimental campaign drove over 300,000 impressions for the brand at less than $0.004 per/impression and earned thousands of entries and email opt-ins.

Key Performance Indicators

  • More than 300,000 impressions
  • Less than $0.004 per/impression