Lucas Bols

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Targeting summer time audiences to build brand hype

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Using online sweeps to build brand awareness

Lucas Bols Distillery, one of the oldest distilled spirits companies in the world, reached out to wedü about their 2019 Coolest Cooler Sweepstakes. They had seen our success with previous liquor brand sweepstakes, especially the one we had run for Old Elk, and wanted us to generate the same brand awareness and hype for them during the 2019 summer season. In addition to those objectives, Bols also wanted to reach new, highly targeted audiences through Facebook and support their summer in-store campaign, “Add Flavor to Your Margarita” which encouraged consumers to purchase Bols flavored liqueurs to add into their regular Margarita recipe.


Highly targeted social media

Bols had four custom-branded Coolest Coolers to offer as prizes. These coolers were equipped to handle any drink needs and even included a blender, making it perfect for summer drinks. To utilize these prizes and meet the objectives of the project, wedü created a WooBox Sweepstakes entry form and a Facebook ad campaign. The WooBox entry form captured the entrant’s information including name, email address, and birthday. The form itself was tailored to Bols’ branding, including the use of their brand colors and custom graphics. The form limited entrants to one entry per day and also allowed entrants to easily share the sweepstakes with their friends on social media.

The Facebook ad campaign was highly targeted towards residents of New England (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont) who were interested in spirits which were commonly mixed with Bols liqueurs such as vodka, gin, and tequila. In addition to those targeting options, the ads were also only shown to those 21 years of age or older.


A winning combination of online and in-store messaging

The sweepstakes ran July 1st 2019 to September 2nd 2019 with the Facebook ads running for the same period of time with a lifetime budget of $1,000. In addition to the Facebook ads, Bols also displayed the WooBox sweepstakes URL on their in-store signage in all New Hampshire State Liquor Stores.

Key Performance Indicators

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