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Local contest promotion for New Amsterdam Vodka and Gin











Move fast and don’t look back

Through a partnership with E. & J. Gallo we have run two successful contests for their New Amsterdam Vodka and Gin products.

New Amsterdam crafts spirits for the places that move fast and don’t look back. The places where the city is celebrated. And the cities of New Hampshire are no exception.

New Amsterdam knew they needed a local partner to ensure the success of their contests and when wedü came to the attention of E. & J. Gallo as a leading digital agency in NH, they sought us out to promote their spirit contests.

Our commitment to client success and innovation in digital spaces gave this national brand confidence in our services before a single metric was reported.


Reaching the right demographic

The first contest encouraged NH residents to share original photographs that capture the essence of NH. Photos were tagged with the hashtag #ItsYourTownNH and streamed to a custom website where they were showcased.

The main demographic for this promotion were also a prime candidate for social media advertising. Our research indicated that individuals ages 21-35 who enjoy concerts and music festivals would be the prime demographic to enter. Through highly targeted social media advertising the contest reached 79,284 people, making the cost per acquisition around 2 cents.

A winner was chosen at random and given a new DSLR digital camera to keep capturing photos of the Live Free or Die state with.


Upping the ante

After the success of the photo contest a subsequent contest was run with a summer twist. Through a text to enter program NH residents could win a personal watercraft.

This campaign was supported through targeted social media advertising which ensured E. & J. Gallo were only putting their promotional budget towards residents of NH who were eligible to win. The contest averaged a cost per acquisition of .008 cents..

Key Performance Indicators

  • 2,605 clicks
  • A reach of 55,957
  • 94,336 impressions at the cost of $0.38 per link click
  • 321 reactions
  • 2,989 engagements