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Increasing event attendance for Johnnie Walker Blue and Don Julio 1942 custom bottle engraving through online promotion.

People reached




Increase in bottles engraved per event


Nationwide event engagement through online and in-store promotion

Consumers looking for a truly special and personalized gift for someone, loved this program! Throughout the holiday season and in late-spring, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits hosts several complimentary bottle engravings and tastings of both Johnnie Walker Blue and Don Julio 1942! While a bottle of either of these fine spirits makes an excellent gift, having one engraved with a personal message makes it extraordinary! So naturally, the team at Southern Glazers tapped wedü back in 2015 to help promote these special events and to move product.

The engraving program is available throughout the country and very similar tactics are used nationwide: Promotion via organic social, posters in the stores where events are to take place, and in our case, video promotion in select stores.


Additional data driven tactics beyond the basics

Over the years, we have worked with Southern Glazers to roll out additional tactics to promote these events beyond the standard. The Johnnie Walker engraving team knows how the customers engage at the engraving locations, and we know how they engage online. With this data, we have worked with their team to build an updated plan year after year that maximizes bottles engraved which translates to increased sales!

Paid social efforts began in the spring of 2016 with a goal of sending people to the website that listed which bottles could be engraved. This increased overall awareness of the events and resulted in a significant increase of bottles engraved. We didn’t stop there though.

Based on monitoring customer feedback we knew that they wanted engraving events at new locations. For the Holiday 2018 season we went from 4 events at 4 different stores to 18 events at high performing locations. We also suggested an earlier start to the events going from Thanksgiving weekend to early November so customers had more opportunities to shop before the holidays.

With the increased number of events, we shifted our advertising dollars to focus on event RSVPs to maximize exposure without increasing spend.


Increased engagement, increased engravings

Holiday 2018 we reached 94,812 people (a nearly 10x increase from the previous year). The event listings received all positive comments, great overall engagement, and nearly 1,000 RSVP’s to the events throughout the state. All of this looks good on paper, but how did it translate at the register? This online promotion translated to a 50% increase in bottles engraved per event!

Key Performance Indicators

  • 94,812 people reached
  • Nearly 1,000 RSVP's
  • 50% increase in bottles engraved per event