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Boosting product support with a March madness style campaign centered around the customer.





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Ongoing brand engagement through healthy head to head competition

The New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets is not only one of the largest retailers in New Hampshire with sales over $700M a year but, as a state-run agency, is an integral contributor to the state’s economy. The state seeks to maximize every dollar for the taxpayers’ benefit. As the agency, wedü knew the social platforms and organic advertising was going to be a key player in driving brand engagement and sales.

Our team created a very customer centric strategy allowing us to engage with customers in a proactive vs. reactive manner. This required very strategic execution of creative social engagement programs. One of the most popular campaigns has become an annual event – meet our version of a March madness event.



Gamification of consumer brand loyalty

One program started early in our engagement with NHLC is the Wine and Spirits Madness initiative. Kicking off as a way to engage customers to support their favorite products, this program has grown from a simple bracket on Facebook to a fully integrated campaign that includes social media, email, a microsite and in-store promotion. With a full series of voting brackets, leading wines are pitted against each other in competition after competition, until the final wine victor is ready to face off with a similarly selected spirit winner. The program has evolved as the social networks have changed to include not just voting with a comment, but with a live feed stream, a poll on Instagram stories and in 2020, even a build your own bracket component that entered customers to win a store gift card.


Increased engagement year over year

Engagements on social media sky-rocket during the Madness Competition and 2020 saw a 427% increase in engagement on Facebook alone: Throughout the 3-week promotion we saw upwards of 20,000 engagements. In addition to the engagement growth in 2020, the new microsite helped grow the email list with a group of highly engaged wine and spirits fans. The build your bracket microsite was promoted with in-store posters and saw nearly 10,000 visitors and over a thousand entries. Adding the posters in-store not only drove additional engagement from people who may not follow us on social media, but it also gave us another way to promote the 16 products included in the competition when consumers are ready to purchase.

Oh and if you were on the edge of your seat wondering, Tito’s Handmade Vodka won the title this year!

Key Performance Indicators

  • Reach: Over 3,000,000 consumers
  • Voting: 30,000
  • Email Capture: 10,000