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Creating an educational, entertaining, and interactive website that highlights how NHLC has given back to the community.



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With surpassing the Impressive $4 Billion mark in net profits returned to the state, the NH Liquor & Wine Outlet was looking for a way to share this information in a fun and exciting way.

Unlike most businesses, the profits of the NH Liquor & Wine Outlet go directly back to the state budget. This money goes to support education, health and social services, transportation, and more. In 2021, the total net profits (since 1934) went over $4 billion. This is something they are very proud of. It is an achievement that is shared by employees and customers who all contribute.

This represented a great opportunity to put our creative talents to work to showcase this achievement. This project touched many parts of the agency, from the design and buildout of a website to digital and print advertising to managing sweepstakes. Alignment of these activities was key to a successful campaign.


A multi-channel campaign was created to educate customers and give credit to hard-working employees. The $4 billion milestone was celebrated and used as an opportunity to talk about all the great things the NH Liquor & Wine Outlet does for its community.

Our team worked together to create a multi-channel, cross-functional campaign. It was important to understand the audience and the different ways to reach them.
The primary audience was in-state customers. This was a great opportunity to educate customers and help them feel good about making purchases in the stores. A gift card was a great draw, but how would we take this opportunity to educate people?

An interactive website was designed, developed, and launched We know everyone learns differently, so it was important for us to provide different ways for the information to be displayed. The website was designed with this in mind and includes a lot of raw data, interactive animations, and a video. There is something for everyone and leaves the user more knowledgeable than when they first arrived.

Traffic was driven to the website through a variety of marketing activities. This omnichannel approach served to reach the target audience in the most efficient and effective way possible. It included content creation, social media advertising, video production, print advertising, and 3rd party e-mail banner advertising. These worked together to serve up close to 1 million impressions and 15,000 visits to the website.

Recognizing employees was a key element to this campaign. It was a great opportunity to celebrate all their hard work and contributions to this milestone. To accomplish this goal, a series of employee posters were created to be used at the stores, a photo opportunity with a giant $4 billion bill was coordinated, and Facebook frames were created to be used by the employees.


Educational and Rewarding

The promotion exceeded all goals. At the heart of it was the website, All marketing efforts led users to this destination. A primary goal was to gather e-mail addresses. This promotion generated over 11,000 e-mail addresses, crushing the goal of 5,000.

Beyond that, the larger goal was to get the message out to customers and recognize employees. The website was engaging and interactive, and visitors to the website were able to learn about how the revenues from NH Liquor & Wine Outlet locations benefit the state. Visitors experienced this through text, interactive graphics, and video.

The website had an extremely high conversion rate, with over 75% of visitors providing their e-mail address as part of the form submission. This was the result of intelligent targeting with our advertising. The ads were served to the right people and people who, once they clicked, were extremely likely to convert into submissions.

The in-store posters and online advertisements served to help recognize employees for their contributions. An internal communications campaign that included hashtags and Facebook frames further helped raise employee engagement.

The opportunity to win a gift card was attention-grabbing, but feedback from users on social media included comments about how shocked and impressed people were at the incredible impact that NH Liquor & Wine Outlet is making on the community.