Maker's Mark

Sweepstakes, Digital
Promoting brand awareness in the New England area via sweepstakes style giveaway











Staying top of mind during quarantine

Maker’s Mark came to us looking for a way of promoting and maintaining high levels of brand awareness in the New England area. With fewer consumers in POS locations, the brand turned to digital avenues to keep Maker’s Marktop of mind.


Keeping consumers engaged outside of the POS

A sweepstakes offering consumers the chance to win a branded Maker’s Mark fire pit was the ideal way of keeping consumers engaged outside of the typical POS. With the majority of New England in a locked down state of quarantine, this sweepstakes proved to be extremely popular as consumers could see great use for the fire pit.


Campaign gone viral

This promotion proved to be extremely successful in getting consumers talking and thinking about the Maker’s Mark brand. In fact, the social buzz for this campaign was so high, that an online sweepstakes community picked up on it and began promoting it on their own site. This resulted in over 114,000 total impressions and over 7,000 sweepstakes entries in a one-month period.In addition to an increase in consumer engagement and product purchases, this campaign provided Maker’s Mark with more than 7,000 new email addresses. Ultimately allowing the brand to continue to build a relationship with this audience moving forward.

Key Performance Indicators

  • 114,000+ Impressions
  • 7,000+ Entries
  • 3,831 Total Facebook Engagements
  • Maintained Low Cost Per Impression at $0.005 Each