The easier way to do limited release.

Control states must distribute a small quantity of products to a large, demanding audience in a fair way. That makes limited release spirit programs a daunting task.

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Meet sips, the fully automated system for raffling off limited release products. Fully automated with communications for entry, winning, and acceptance, the system creates confidence in consumers while removing headaches for your team. The distribution to stores and acknowledgement of delivery is also built-in. Intelligent winner algorithms ensure the products are randomly and fairly distributed with the maximum number of winners. Our goal was to make these raffles fair with full compliance tracking.
One tour of the platform and how it works will have you wondering why you ever ran limited release raffles any other way.

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Our Clients

A few brands that use the sips platform.

Platform Features

From legal and fulfillment
all the way to creative.


Upload your assets and determine a budget, and we’ll handle promotion in the markets you need.


Contest terms and conditions are generated based on data you provide.

Winner Selection

The sips platform handles winner verification and notification using email and SMS texting.

Inventory Control

Ensure products are getting into the hands of consumers with our store-level management.


All data is managed in a secure database with a three-year retention period.


We’ll track customer engagement, audience growth, and other KPIs based on your goals.

Work We’ve Done

Reach the right people faster.

Over the past decade, we’ve cultivated an exclusive audience of wine and spirit connoisseurs. With over one million data points, our proprietary database empowers you to precisely target the exact audience you’re seeking to engage.

The Results

Flawless performance every time.

Say goodbye to headaches. Discover how our platform creates a worry-free program that addresses all your questions, solves every problem, and delivers an exceptional experience for you and your customers. Focus on what truly matters.

NH Liquor Commission

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